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Phone Sex with Betty

Mistress Betty knows all about sneaky, panty boys like you. How you put on such a big front during the day, playing your role as bigshot while secretly feeling your panties under that business suit.


Phone Sex with Caroline

Caroline is the right blend of sweet and sassy.  This young Mistress loves to feminize, listen to her sensual voice and allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing the naughty pleasures you long for.


Phone Sex with Claire

Do you long to share your feminine side with a beautiful, glamorous Mistress?  One that will be thrilled to guide you and teach you and show you all the secrets of being a sexy, gorgeous girlie?


Phone Sex with Danielle

Mistress Danielle loves to take manly men and turn them into panty sluts. Using her feminine charms she is an expert at zeroing in on whatever weakness you have.


Phone Sex with Donna

Mistress Donna came home one day and found her husband standing in front of their bedroom mirror in a pair of her panties with his hard cock bulging out of the top.


Phone Sex with Jessie

When Mistress Jessie was a little girl, she loved to play dress up in her Mommy's clothing.  One day she discovered that her Daddy also liked to wear her Mother's things. What a naughty little secret...



Phone Sex with Kendra

Kendra has a sissy husband.  She keeps him in panties & locks his dicklet up in it's very own little cock cage. She abuses him in front of her friends, invites other men over, and so much more.


Phone Sex with Lily

Mistress Lily is strict, but sensual and you will find yourself eager to please Her by performing the tasks you are assigned, fulfilling Her needs and always showing Her the proper respect.


Phone Sex with Marisa

Put your panties on. You know you have those panties hidden away somewhere? You might've "borrowed" them from someone - your girlfriend or wife - your sister, or maybe even your mom.


Phone Sex with Valerie

Valerie is a beautiful Goddess who will give you a complete makeover and share an afternoon or evening of girl-talk with you, helping you to become a glorious girlie.


Phone Sex with Violet

Violet is a sexy, Mistress experienced in many forms of Domination and specializes in sissification. If you are looking for sissy training, Mistress Violet is accepting new "projects" now.


Phone Sex with Yvette

Miss Yvette is not for little cry babies that need hand-holding and pats on the back. She is a very strict, demanding Mistress who will not hesitate to ridicule and demean those who cross Her.

Phone Sex Rates

$2.50 Per Minute

*20 Minute Blocks Are Always $40.00* (calling from U.S.A. only)

2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute

3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute

Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

(All Calls Will Show On Your Credit Card  Statement As "Chloe Enterprises")

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